Prabhupada Ghat


Sain Tukamram Maharaj Chandra Bhaga
Great Saint Tukaram Says, “O Lord!, just give me one benediction, that I may always be able to bathe in the holy river Chandrabhaga.”

Chandra Bhaga

Chandrabhaga is dear sister to all the prilgrims & warkaris. Just as elder sister carries her younger brother for taking darshan, likewise to have divine darshan of Lord Vitthal, first take blessings of river Chandrabhaga & then with her blessings proceed ahead to have darshan of Lord Vitthal.

Viswakarma, the divine architect has created the river named Chandrabhaga, simply the holy darshan of river Chandrabhaga destroys all of the sins and blesses one with ultimate liberation. On the auspicious day of Ashadi Ekadasi Chandra bhaga's bosom is filled with innumerable pilgrims. Near about 12 to 15 lac warkaris visit Sri Pandharpur Dham. During this time lacs of pilgrims take sanctifying holy bath in the river & become purified. But due to lack of proper facility, all of pilgrims have to experience much inconvenience.

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